CSA Partners with Athletic Director U

Collegiate Sports Associates has partnered with Athletic Director U (ADU), an industry-leading source for professional development content and news, to help provide content for the platform.  ADU has become a go-to source for current and aspiring AD’s looking to learn and develop as leaders in college athletics, and CSA is excited to partner with ADU and assist industry leaders across the country in that mission.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Athletic Director University,” said CSA Vice President Drew Turner. “In our ten year history, Collegiate Sports Associates has worked with more than 100 different Division 1 institutions.  We have conducted over 100 executive searches, and completed 65 consulting projects.  We are proud to have an executive team that has the most on-campus experience of any firm in our industry, with over 100 years of combined service.  We are excited to work with ADU to share our experiences and expertise with an industry that we are so passionate about.”

To learn more about ADU, you can find them on Twitter @AD_University

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