Cal Athletics Announces Strategic Plan

Aug 23, 2019

BERKELEY, CA.  – Cal Athletics announced the completion of its strategic plan Thursday, providing a new Mission Statement, Vison Statement, list of four Core Values and seven Strategic Priorities meant to guide the department through the next five years.

The mission statement: “To Educate, Compete, Serve and Excel…Developing Leaders of Tomorrow” is followed by the following strategic priorities: Student-Athlete Experience, Academic Success, Competitive Success, Financial Resources, Departmental Culture, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, and Campus Integration.

CSA is grateful to have assisted in the strategic planning process, which followed a review of the department by CSA that was completed Spring 2018.

“A well-conceived and thought-out plan is essential for our success, providing clear direction for our department and a framework for the months and years ahead,” Director of Athletics Jim Knowlton said. “Through a comprehensive approach, I believe we have a document that will allow us to unify our efforts. This plan sets a course of action through seven distinct priorities, and we will use it to guide our decision-making through short-term and long-term goals to allow us to take organized and deliberate steps forward.”

Through a comprehensive approach, I believe we have a document that will allow us to unify our efforts. 

Jim Knowlton

Director of Athletics

For the full release and Strategic Plan from Cal Athletics, as well as letters from Chancellor Carol Christ and Director of Athletics Jim Knowlton, click HERE.

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